Apr 24, 2007

MAIL Box Delights!

Yesterday, I had 2 good things come in the mail!

I got a letter from CGOA that had a little pin inside. Hey, it was kind of cool, lol! AND.......My prize came in! Just look at that yummy yarn! And do you see my sheep tape measure! I just love him! I have been wanting one, but just never picked one up.....so how cool is this!

On another note, I put 2 items up for sale {FINALLY} @ Sallens Boutique ,

my Etsy. We'll see how it goes. I have some other things to add, but I'll take it one step at a time.
I never updated you on the puppies. They opened their eyes on Friday, the 13th. They are walking now, and are quite nosy! Chestnut, pup number 1, is the big boy! He is sooo curious and is a little bully! They are playing with each other now, and it's just too cute. Have you ever heard baby pups growl..........hilarious!!!! I never actually thought about baby pups growling. It makes sence though,now that I think about it. Brutus, well, he's still scared of them. Yes....the supposedly FEROCIOUS APBT.........scared of something about the size of his leg! Chestnut, the bully!, started walking towards Brutus, and he jumps up on my bed so the SCARY PUPPY wouldn't get him!
OK, well I have some crocheting to do! (WAITING ON THE MAIL! NEED YARN!OK NOT NEED)
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1 comment:

Miranda said...

That yarn looks awesome. So how about some pics of the big ferocious puppy that Brutus is scared of?? LOL!