May 4, 2007

Apr 24, 2007

Ohhhh, Hufflepuff,I'm a Slytherin!

THIS post was actually posted on
Wednesday, April 25 2007
(For this new SWAP, My Blog went Dark!)


Sort me!
I joined the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap today.
I sorted as a Hufflepuff, and in true Hufflepuff nature, I joined the Slytherin House.(It is always the smallest group, and they need peeps!)I have always thought the Slytherins were cool.(I love the colors too!) They have the whole bad boy/good boy thing going on. Think Snape....Ummm, YUM! LOL!!(hey, there's just something about him.) Lucious Draco is a hotty too! OK, seriously, this is going to be a fun swap!
This swap is perfect for me...why you ask?? Well, I couldn't join the Hogwarts Sock Swap...not ready for that just yet.....but that would have been sooooo cool! In this swap, You knit or sew a kit bag (they didn't specify crochet......) that will hold the knitting needles, sock yarn, and stitchmarkers. (You include a set of knitting needles, sock yarn, a sock pattern, and stitchmarkers) As always, you can add more items! Anyway, they are taking 150 swappers, so get over there! It starts May 1st. This is great for all of us sock newbies!
SLYTHERINS--------------->GET ON BOARD!!!
I have been watching the Knitters of Avalon Blog.........and I ordered the books (I only knew about Mists of Avalon I did see the movie...and LOVED it. So I can't wait to delve into the books.) They are making some beautiful items!!! Check them out!

MAIL Box Delights!

Yesterday, I had 2 good things come in the mail!

I got a letter from CGOA that had a little pin inside. Hey, it was kind of cool, lol! AND.......My prize came in! Just look at that yummy yarn! And do you see my sheep tape measure! I just love him! I have been wanting one, but just never picked one how cool is this!

On another note, I put 2 items up for sale {FINALLY} @ Sallens Boutique ,

my Etsy. We'll see how it goes. I have some other things to add, but I'll take it one step at a time.
I never updated you on the puppies. They opened their eyes on Friday, the 13th. They are walking now, and are quite nosy! Chestnut, pup number 1, is the big boy! He is sooo curious and is a little bully! They are playing with each other now, and it's just too cute. Have you ever heard baby pups growl..........hilarious!!!! I never actually thought about baby pups growling. It makes sence though,now that I think about it. Brutus, well, he's still scared of them. Yes....the supposedly FEROCIOUS APBT.........scared of something about the size of his leg! Chestnut, the bully!, started walking towards Brutus, and he jumps up on my bed so the SCARY PUPPY wouldn't get him!
OK, well I have some crocheting to do! (WAITING ON THE MAIL! NEED YARN!OK NOT NEED)
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Apr 22, 2007

The Swap Ranch News

The Swap Ranch is holding a vote for our next Swap. Come JOIN the fun, and vote now to find out what we will SWAP next. The Poll Will Run Until May 4th.
Swap Choices
  1. Apron (kitchen)
  3. Coasters
  4. Doily
  5. Notions
  6. Summer Purse
  7. Tea Pot Cozy
  8. Yarn Swap

The Summer Shawl Swap us underway! I just love shawls, so we will definitely have another! The square swap has about 3 months left. The squares that have been swapped so far are VERY pretty. I have great idea for a winter sq swap...Stay tuned. The dishcloth Swap is over, but just waitng on a few deliveries. Again, I loved seeing all of the dishcloths. Our swappers create some beautiful items.


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I have been trying to post for 3 days now. Yes, 3 days. I'm not sure what the heck was going on. Lets see if this works today~


My peeps diorama came in 3rd place! Woo Hoo! Yes, I know it's silly, but I'm on cloud 9! My girls think it's awesome. (They are almost borderline sore loosers......LOL) DH says it's cool. Hey, I had a great time with it, AND I get a prize! How cool is that! I will post a pic when it gets here!

I have been working on a scarf. It was one of the PINK kits.(Which by the way is a great SP or RAOK gift) You get the needles,(or hook) the yarn, pattern, sewing needle, AND a self breast exam card. Did I mention YARN??? OK, OK, granted it's FunFur, BUT it is so much nicer to knit with than to crochet with. (Ya'll know what I'm talking about!) And its pink, and fun, but the bottom line, it supports the cure (RESEARCH) AND we get yarn!
(I will post a pic of the scarf at the end...after I post to make sure it goes)
I will be posting the knit dishcloths I made later this week. My swap partner, Sabrina, hasn't received them yet. Why you wonder. They were delivered back to me with a big UGLY red stamp: INSUFFICIENT POSTAGE . SO, gal, I'm sorry.
Ohhh, and I joined the Prayer Shawl Kal at the Ville, I'm so glad they started a knit section. They have a sock kal up too.........hmmmm, should I or shouldn't I. Idefinitely have enough sock yarn! Thanx Loopy Ewe!!!!!!
Woo Hoo, Im testing 3 items for Anna. I'm really enjoying this round! I also found out that she has lived in England, and misses it ALMOST as much as I do. I have to go check her blog for the PG Tips link!!!! (I miss my normal tea!)
I gave up (FOR NOW) on the poncho project.(turning it into a shawl pattern) My lack of sleep is messing with my mind. I can't keep the numbers right.ARGGG! I also put my shawl on hold....same reason. BUT swap partner, no worries, I have one special in the works for you. (it's already written out, so I can keep up, lol!)

Ummmm,I had more to share, but for the life of me I cant remember, Oh well!
Have a great day!


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