Apr 22, 2007

The Swap Ranch News

The Swap Ranch is holding a vote for our next Swap. Come JOIN the fun, and vote now to find out what we will SWAP next. The Poll Will Run Until May 4th.
Swap Choices
  1. Apron (kitchen)
  3. Coasters
  4. Doily
  5. Notions
  6. Summer Purse
  7. Tea Pot Cozy
  8. Yarn Swap

The Summer Shawl Swap us underway! I just love shawls, so we will definitely have another! The square swap has about 3 months left. The squares that have been swapped so far are VERY pretty. I have great idea for a winter sq swap...Stay tuned. The dishcloth Swap is over, but just waitng on a few deliveries. Again, I loved seeing all of the dishcloths. Our swappers create some beautiful items.


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